For The Love Of Music Top 40 10 augustus 2019

12415Sons - Waiting On My Own
23626Korn - You'll Never Find Me
381834Golden Dawn Arkestra - Allo Allo Boom
41117Slowkiss - In Vain
57956Inhaler - My Honest Face
691469Callow Youth - Wake Up
7111575De Staat & Luwten - Tie Me Down
86864Rammstein - Ausländer
95229Psychedelic Porn Crumpets - Hymn For A Droid
1035102Guide Dog - Body Shame (And The Ministry Of Loneliness)
11111Friendly Fires - Silhouettes
122139123Brittany Howard - Stay High
134339Personal Trainer - The Lazer
141927145Nosoyo - Highness
151725155Ider - Wu Baby
16147118Damian Wyldes - Greed
171212124Dinosaur Pile- Up - Back Foot
181010105Waterparks - Turbulent
191511910Mike Gale - The Waves Are High
2031202Benjamin Gabe - Generation Nine
212533214Healthy Junkies - This Is Not A Suicide
2213557Paul Morricone - Estranged
231616168Dean Maywood - Jane
241822184Mick Flannery - Fool
25251Kaiser Chiefs - People Know How To Love One Another
262226225Nemesea - Kids With Guns
2733272Angie McMahon - Pasta
28241988Bokassa - Mouthbreathers Inc
29291Spoonfed - The Ride
302020207Editors - Frankenstein
31311The Sorry Kisses - City Rhytm
3232145acidbabies - Ri Ri Ride
3337332Artificial Pleasure - A Journey Across Town
342936293Sports Team - Here It Comes Again
35351Carl Anscombe - Depression
3638362The Murder Capital - Don't Cling To Life
37371Foals - Black Bull
38381Jane n' The Jungle - Beach On Fire
39391The Darling Suns - Loving You
40401Whitney Tai - How Was I Supposed To Know
love of the week
Jay Som - Superbike
love breakdown
39Jarvis Cocker - Must I Evolve?
1412Olympia - Hounds
139Allusinlove - All My Love
78Biffy Clyro - Balance, Not Symmetry
283Eefje de Visser - Zwarte Zon
322Positives - Bad Dreams
342Depression Club - What You Were Saying
304De Elias EP's - Scherven
113Rammstein - Radio
77The Teskey Brothers - Hold Me


  1. 1. friendly fires
    2. jay som
    3. whitney tai
    4. kaiser chiefs
    5. jane the jungle
    6. murder capital


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